Thursday, May 1, 2008

The Great Blog Catch-Up

Holy Blogoli, Batman! It's been a while since that last post down there. Don't worry, I did not run off with Eddie Izzard (he asked, but dude, I am happily married), I've just been neglecting the poor little blog. So here's the catch-up:

1. I had a second great outing with Little, which involved a BIG breakfast at Lynn's, and a movie. I had picked out a bunch of girly movies, but Little picked the new Jackie Chan. The new Narnia movie tops our list as a must-see. Little said to me, knowingly, "I think WE like magical stuff, don't we?" Yes, Little, we do, indeed.

2. I was ordained last weekend as a Presbyterian elder, but I don't feel any different. My first meeting is next week, so I'm still holding out hope for a secret handshake. I'm almost certain that I am the first Presbyterian elder whose mother plans to buy her a diamond nose ring to celebrate the occasion. I considered a tatto proclaiming PRESBYTERIAN ELDERS DO IT HOLIER but decided to go with the nose ring, instead.

3. I took a few much-needed days off last week and did a whole lot of laying around, but also spent an ENTIRE DAY sewing. I finished my class this past Monday night (a 101 Things accomplishment), and am feeling quite in the sewing groove. Since last we spoke, I've been working on . . .

a sewing-class-vest-I'll-probably-never-wear,

a difficult-to-photograph wrap-thingy to wear with my new sleeveless black dress,

and the top and bottom of a dress I started over a year ago (a middle is forthcoming).

4. I finally made the homemade power bars I've been thinking about making for ages. We are some Clif-bar-eating fools around here, so I thought it might make economical sense. I learned, however, that homemade power bars are WAY more expensive than Clif bars; I also learned that brown rice syrup is tasty enough to eat out of the jar with a spoon, not that I've actually done that, oh, no. These were pretty good, and I'm going to try a new batch with different tasty stuff. (What is up with the focus on this photo, I do not know.)

5. I'm following up Not Attending Thunder Over Louisville with Not Attending the Steamboat Race, Not Attending the Parade, Not Attending Oaks, and will cap it all off by Working Domestic Violence Intake on Derby Day. Quite the social butterfly, aren't I?

6. Finally, in case you need an election year pick-me-up, I was reminded by NPR this morning that on this day in history, 2003, George W. Bush declared the Iraq War "Mission Accomplished." Way to go, Dubya! Dude, your mom must be so proud.


DSS said...

I love it all! Especially like your wrap around thingy! As I said before your Nana would be so proud, you all could spend hours in the fabric store!

I wonder if Mama Bush is proud or maybe she has more sense than the other Bushes!

Speaking of bushes, the bush you gave me is so pretty, blooming it's little heart out!!!!!!!!!

Laurie said...

How did you like the Jackie Chan movie? I really want to see it because I love Kung Fu movies where they fly around, and the previews made it look like the movie had a sense of humor too...

Jonathan's Mommy said...

I love the wrap, too--so pretty!

I heard that same announcement on NPR. It made me chuckle but also sad that we have such a bozo for a president. Keeping my fingers crossed for a better result in November!

Kara Lewis said...

Laurie, the Jackie Chan was not bad at all, kind of fun, actually. I'm a sucker for all the flying around, too.