Wednesday, June 25, 2008

What I'm Thinking About Wednesday

Went to my second yoga class . . . yeeowch! My poor legs are desperately trying to figure out what they've done to be punished so.

Cooked this for dinner tonight and it was delish -- really, tofu is fantastic when cooked correctly. You should try it. Come on, don't be a hater. Plus, having tofu for dinner means you can also have this, made with fresh blueberries and frozen strawberries from the dad's patch. Also delish.

You can SO be a hater when it comes to James Dobson. I suffer no qualms from emphatically EXcluding him from . . . well, whatever I can exclude him from. Narrow-minded git.

I hope someone else out there is as excited about all those little (well, not really so little) Earth-like planets out there as I am. E.T., phone home, already, dude! We've missed you!

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Jonathan's Mommy said...

Bryan will NEVER eat Tofu but that looks delicious! And so does that dessert! I'm with you on Dobson--he sucks, plain and simple.