Monday, December 15, 2008

A Brief Holiday Update

I've got the Christmas crud. No, that's not a Scrooge-y thing, just that little tiny bit of yucky sick you get when you work too hard at being merry.

Last week nearly did me in. There was Christmas cheer every night for seven nights straight, and it was supposed to be eight, but I had to wimp out on the last one. (Sorry, Bryan!) I also wimped out on half of my work day today and spent the afternoon and evening vegged out on the couch doing absolutely NOTHING to prepare for Christmas, which is now not even ten whole days away.

I cut out the contract knitting for Santa almost entirely, but added contract sewing, and lots and lots and lots of baking. So far, the Lewis household has the following waiting to be packaged up for gift-giving:

dark chocolate and walnut toffee
German chocolate fudge
peanut butter fudge
milk chocolate walnut fudge
date balls
butterscotch bars
almond biscotti

Still to come are Ina Garten's pecan squares, chai snickerdoodles, chocolate crackle cookies, and peanut butter kisses.

Sheesh. The contract sewing won't be done until the weekend, which is cutting it mighty close. Mighty close, indeed.


DSS said...

So sorry you aren't feeling up to CHRISTMAS JOY!!!!!!!!!! Your house sounds DELISH!!!!!!!!

Bryan said...

At least I know where I stand in the pecking order. (tear drifting to corner of eye)

Everyone else backed out and Jennifer decided to stay home.

I ate dinner at Shoney's and read ads for apartments to keep my going.

Merry (tear slips) Christmas.


Jonathan's Mommy said...

You do this to yourself every year! And to be sick on top of it to boot!

I'm not even going to comment on Bryan's remarks. I can assure you that he had a lovely birthday.