Thursday, September 3, 2009

Brush Off the Cobwebs and Come On In

Hello? Hello? Is anybody here?

Whew! It sure is dusty around the ol' blog. I haven't been here in an age. I've been suffering from a little blog fatigue, I think, and am trying to decide what, if anything, I want and plan for Around the Subject. Partly I wonder if you are tired of reading about my life, and partly I'm tired of writing about it. Partly I've let the blog become more of a day-to-day-what-I'm-doing kind of thing than I intended originally. Partly I want to stop thinking and talking about writing fiction and start writing fiction.

In the immediate moment, though, I am getting ready to go on vacation, and I really like doing vacation updates, . . . SO, if there's anybody still around these parts, check back in the next ten days or so, and I'll try to have some fun stories and pictures.

Oh, and on this vacation, I will be BACKPACKING for two nights. As in, PEE IN THE WOODS-type backpacking. If nothing else, you'll want to hear about that, right?


Bryan said...

I for one have missed the blogs. I'm jealous of your upcoming trip having watched some specials about national parks recently. I expect to hear great things. You'll recall that Jonathan PERFECTED his peeing in the woods while camping with you guys. I have high expectations. Have a great trip and update when you can. JBF

Jonathan's Mommy said...

Have an awesome time! We need to get together when you get back!

Lee from the Big E said...

I have the hardest time thinking of you peeing in the woods LOL