Monday, November 5, 2007

An Around the Subject Public Service Announcement

As I'm writing this, I'm planning out all the things I have to get done tomorrow.

I have to swim, because I've started it up again and am almost back up to a mile. I have to put dinner in the crock pot, because we have to eat. I have to go to work, because, well, you know . . . bills. I have to go to my first tutoring meeting, which I'm very nervous about, and which I'm sure you'll hear about in days to come.

And I have to vote.

Ahh . . . voting. I hope you're all planning on doing that one, too. It's important.

When I was a kid, my mom took me with her once to vote, and I asked her who she voted for (I doubt I even knew the candidates, but I asked anyway). She told me that who a person votes for is totally their business, and when you vote, you don't have to tell anyone who or what you voted for, NOT EVEN YOUR HUSBAND.

Whoa. My mom was quite the rebel (and still is, most days).

The first presidential election I was able to vote in was Clinton's first term. When he won, I felt like I had been part of it. When he won the second time, I thought, "hey, this is easy!"

Since then, it hasn't been quite so easy, not if you're on my side of politics, anyway. But I still vote. We can take it for granted, but it's a right that was not easily won. We have to appreciate it, and we have to take responsibility for it, and we have to keep casting our vote in the hopes that things will change for the better.

So, while I bitch and gripe and moan and complain about how democracy is a broke-ass joke that doesn't work and why the hell do I have to live in a red state, anyway . . .

I still vote. And no matter what side you're on -- you should too.


Jonathan's Mommy said...

I voted already today and took Jonathan with me. HE LOVED IT! In fact, he wanted to do it again after we put our Scantron sheet in the machine. I told him we only get to vote once, even if we would like to vote a second time so our vote will not get cancelled out by our husband/daddy... :)

Luke said...

Looks like you're probably feeling a little better...didn't Kentucky just a Democrat to Governor...albeit a conservative democrat.


P.S. - I came across your blog while searching for other "law" blogs.

Smoke If You Got 'Em <- It's not about drugs.

PacificMod said...

Good for you! Even in my blue state, voting can be a daunting task with tons of referenda (referendi?).
-Zephyr (ADL)