Friday, November 9, 2007

Wifely Worries

So, Todd has gone backpacking this weekend. I was okay with this when the trip was first planned, because he was going with someone else. But then, due to some unforseen circumstances, he ended up going solo.

This always worries me. Yes, I know he's quite competent; yes, I know he was an Eagle Scout and all, but seriously . . . he's going out to some godforsaken spot ALONE with nothing but a fishing pole and a big ol' backpack. That he's doing this voluntarily just confirms my ongoing suspicions that my husband, while I love him dearly, may not be quite "right."

And here's what worries me even more. He's undertaking this trip COMPLETELY SANS CELL PHONE.

Why, you ask, does anyone these days venture out into the wild without a trusty means of communication?

Well, in this case, it's because he dropped his cell phone in the toilet. This, apparently, is not good for cell phones.

I wish I had a picture to post of my fingernails, because come Sunday? They'll all be bitten to nubs.


Jonathan's Mommy said...

That would totally worry me too although I am sure Todd will be just fine! It is pretty crazy, though!

DSS said...

Wish I didn't know this!!!!!!!!!! I will worry about him, until he gets home on Sun. What do you do all day when you're backpacking?????

Bryan said...

I HAVE YOUR HUSBAND IN THE TRUNK OF MY CAR. Don't worry about him, he is pissed but safe. You're welcome. JBF

Bryan said...

Scared of blogging? JBF