Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Throwing in My Two Cents

For months, I've been putting off declaring myself "for" any particular Democratic presidential candidate. Truthfully, I was hedging my bets. The upshot of it all is, whoever the Democratic nominee is will get my vote in the general election -- so why commit now?

Then I started to get more and more excited about one candidate, almost in spite of myself. And I have started to feel a bit . . . I guess, wimpy . . . for not just making a choice.

So, I'm declaring it right now: I'm an Obama girl.

I could go on and on about health care, war, etc., etc., but the truth of the matter is that any of the Democratic candidates would have aligned pretty closely with what I think. I'm not ashamed to admit that my choice in this matter has been a lot more of a visceral, gut reaction than an intellectual decision. And I'm okay with that.

I'm okay with that because Obama makes me feel that this country can be something cool again, that if he's President, I can be proud of being American again. I've spent the past eight years or so wanting things to not be so bad -- but Obama makes me look forward to how good they could be. It's exciting. I watched the debate last night like it was a John Cougar Mellencamp concert -- no, I know . . . like it was a reprise of Hedwig and the Angry Inch! (And THAT is really saying something.)

So, I'm excited about the months coming up. I even, given the closeness of the race, feel that my vote might actually count for something (that is, if we can hold off the damn Super Delegates). I feel strongly enough about it that I'm planning this weekend to go sign up to work on the campaign, something I've never done before.

Wanna come along? I think it's going to be quite a ride.

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Jonathan's Mommy said...

I am so excited to read this post! You mirrored my feelings exactly!!! I agree with both Democratic candidates, too, overall, but I just really like Obama! Now if I could just get Bryan to feel the same way...