Monday, December 3, 2007

How NPR Ruined My Day

I have to admit, when it comes to the Republican Presidential candidates, I've been practicing a careful, bury-my-head-in-the-sand approach. I figure, they're all going to be awful, so why pay attention until I have to focus on the awfulest one?

Well, today on my ride home, NPR ripped my head right out of the sand with its interview with Mitt Romney.

First let me say this: I adore my liberal, leftist NPR. And I love how they conduct interviews with the not-so-left. They're so NICE, in that Southern-my-daddy-taught-me-to-say-"that's nice"-instead-of-"fuck you" way.

This particular interview was no exception. Robert Siegel noted a recent debate in which Romney, when asked if he believes everything in the Bible, replied, "I believe it is the word of God." Siegel followed this up by asking Romney if he believes the Creation story as posed in Genesis.

Romney's answer (and I paraphrase): I can't believe NPR would ask something so irrelevant to the people of the United States.

Well, sorry, Mitt, but as one of those people of the United States, it's pretty relevant to me.

It's relevant to me because it shows me you are an amateur debater who just turns mean when he can't think of a good answer.

It's relevant to me because it tells me that you DO believe in Creationism, and therefore you are one of those people who think religion should make you STUPID.

It's relevant to me because it points out what I see as one of the inherent problems of the Republican party: you think I'm even more stupid than you are.

Sheesh. I liked it better when my head was in the sand.


Jonathan's Mommy said...

I heard that interview, too, and laughed out loud when it came to that question. You should hear Huckabee...

Neurotic Att'y said...

Found your page through Jonathan's mommy's blog. Beyond Mitt's inability to give a straight answer to ANY question, I don't trust a man whose hair is more perfectly coiffed than mine. It's not natural. And what kind of name is "Mitt" anyway? I'm with you...I'm burying my head, evolutionarily obsolete wisdom teeth and all.

Bryan said...

That was a perfect synopsis of so much that is wrong with politics. I'm NOT stupider than them. I love it. JBF