Sunday, January 11, 2009

Showing Off, A Bit

It occurred to me that I never posted any of the pictures Todd took with his fancy new camera of all the Christmas baking and sewing I did. He's been doing some really cool stuff with it.

Does this look like a food magazine, or what?

A montage, if you will, of all the yummy stuff that got sent around to various people:

Christmas sewing, for my nieces, sister, and sister-in-law (they're zippered bags for makeup and other things that need to go in zippered bags):

And while I look just hideous in this photo (I was a wee bit tired), Todd loves it so much I thought I'd post it, anyway. We like to call it, "The Dark Side of Holiday Baking":


Jonathan's Mommy said...

What camera did he get?

You look exhausted in that last picture but it IS a good picture. And now I am super hungry!

DSS said...

I love this blog! I don't know where you get these talents! You and Todd make a good pair!!!!!!Please tell everyone that I appreciate the thoughts and prayers for Hank!!!!!!!