Thursday, January 22, 2009


My, how time does fly! The post-Christmas letdown has been totally wiped out by the insanity, joy and amazement of inauguration day. Wow. I didn't realize that I was holding my breath until it actually happened, and I could let it out.

There were so many fabulous moments of the day . . . the worldwide "Yes, we did" celebrations . . . the second-littlest Obama taking pictures and getting Joe Biden to take one for her . . . the power and solemnity of his speech . . . the joy on his face as he walked with his wife in a parade . . . it was all just fantastic.

Okay, I'm out of adjectives. But you get the picture.

Wednesday morning, Todd informed me that if I didn't get out of bed, I was really going to be late. I replied, "The country is in good hands and I'm going to sleep late."

And yesterday and today, it's been fun to get in my car after work, listen to the day's executive orders, and know that I agreed with each and every one.

It's a new era, people, if you haven't already, get the hell out there and celebrate!


Kelley said...

I too, feel like a weight has been lifted, and every time I say to myself, "Barack Obama is the President", my heart rejoices!

Jonathan's Mommy said...

I, too, enjoy listening to NPR now in the morning talking about President Obama. It's awesome!

DSS said...

Amen to everything! Hank and I have become CNN junkies and it's all about Obama! Finally, Yeah for our side!!!!!!!!!