Monday, May 21, 2007

Crafting Success!

If you ever do any surfing the net for crafting/sewing stuff -- and SOME people do -- you've probably seen this turn-a-pair-of-pants-into-a-skirt trend.

If you never surf for such thing, just trust me -- it's a trend.

And since I happened to own a pair of pants which truly looked like ASS on me, I decided to try it out.

Drum roll, please . . .

It worked! I turned those crappy pants into a skirt I actually like! And, oddly enough, the things that made the pants look like ASS actually made for a pretty flattering fit in the skirt. (Sorry there are no skirt-in-action shots, I could never quite get it together when I was wearing it to have my portrait taken.)

Here's a closeup of the insert fabric, which I love (and which took a very long time to find at Baer's):

This was a really easy project; I started ripping seams on Sunday afternoon and finished the skirt on Wednesday (and I don't think I even worked on it on Monday). Keep in mind, too, that I am the world's most beginning sewer. Someone who actually had a clue could have probably done the whole thing in an afternoon.

If you're interested in doing this, I recommend looking around the net for various instructions. They will all seem pretty vague, but that's okay. Really, you just cut the pants off where you want the skirt, rip out the leg and crotch --

(man, I am truly afraid of what internet searches might bring someone to this post, given that last phrase)

-- and then kind of sew it back together however you can get it to lay flat.

Even thought it's corduroy, I have already worn it with a t-shirt and sandals. I think it will truly shine, though, if I ever do come into possession of those red cowboy boots I have been dreaming about for two years.

A girl's gotta have a dream, you know.


Jonathan's Mommy said...

That skirt looks awesome! You are a sewing god to me.

And, seriously, it's about time you got some red cowboy boots! Do I need to hit Todd upside the head or what?

Bryan said...

Found you blog after googling "rip out the crotch" and thought we should get together for drinks. I like your style. Bubba aka JBF