Monday, May 21, 2007

News Flash: Plants DO Grow From Seeds!

I may have grown up on a farm, but I can't say I was very good at it. My sister eloquently summed it up recently by saying, "While you were in the house with Mother playing the piano, I was working the land."

True, true. I did not do much working of the land. If you want the honest to God truth, I don't think I ever trusted "the land" and what was supposed to happen on it. I mean, how was I to know that seeds would actually work? I didn't really understand that whole "germination" explanation they gave in middle school science class, either. Sounded like a bunch of hooey to me.

So my gardening has mostly been of the buy-small-plant-stick-it-in-the-ground-and-hope-it-gets-bigger variety.

But for Christmas this year, I got a Chia herb garden. (You didn't know Chia products were still around, did you? Well, they are.) In honor of Spring a few weeks ago, I put those babies together. And lo and behold, while I was having the week from That Hot Place (otherwise known as the Hall of Justice) last week, here's what was happening in my kitchen windowsill:

I am totally not kidding. Those little plantlets you see there (sprouts, if you will) GREW FROM SEEDS.

And the wonder of the Chia? You don't even have to PLANT the seeds. You just sprinkle those little suckers on and wait.

Who wudda thunk?

And in other gardening news (you like gardening news, don't you?), I also have further evidence that the buy-small-plant-stick-it-in-the-ground-or-container-and-hope-it-gets-bigger method works pretty well, too:

The Lewis Family Container Herb Garden (Including not one, but three varieties of basil. We Lewises love us some basil.)

And the crowning glory of them all:

The Lewis Family It-May-Look-Like-a-Marijuana-Plant-But-It's-Really-a-Tomato Plant

Because people, where I come from -- 'tain't summer until you have sores in your mouth from eating too many tomatoes.


Jonathan's Mommy said...

OMG--defintely your funniest blog yet! You are too funny! You just make take to working the land yet.

Oh, and the Fantonis also love basil and should you feel so inclined to prepare a meal with basil in it, we would be willing to assist with consumption.

Bryan said...

I enjoyed the tale right up until the "Sores in mouth" part. JBF