Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Again With the Random

Hmm . . . I think I have the beginning-of-the-week blogging blues. It always seems to be hard to get going, then by Thursday I'm ready to crank out a bunch in a row. Since it's just Tuesday, you get a bunch of randomness from me today.

Random thing #1: I had a Very Bad Day in court last week, and I'm still mopey about it. Ridiculous. My current Old Man in a Black Robe made some really just horrible decisions -- I mean objectively horrible, not just horrible because they were not what I wanted -- and there were a few brief moments in which I contemplated that I just might be on my way to jail. Luckily, I made it out of there without such consequences. Seriously, they've changed the women's jumpsuits from orange to a yellow which would just not be flattering to my complexion at all.

Random thing #2: As you should know, Father's Day was this past Sunday, and in my family, we celebrated by having lunch at my sister's, in which my Father was honored by being allowed to bring the homemade strawberry ice cream. I was feeling a bit bummed out about my present for my dad -- a gift certificate to Tractor Supply Company -- when he told us that his "building" (which is really like his second house) was burglarized last week, and the scumbag in question took all the power tools which my sister and I had previously "given" him for Christmas (an excellent arrangement in which my father purchases his hand tool of the moment and we give him Christmas money for the purchase). So I guess it was an okay present, after all.

And -- if you happen to be the scumbag who burglarized my dad's building -- we know who you are, and YOU SUCK! Harumph.

Random thing #3: In the never-ending Quest for Self-Improvement (really, I think looking around the world for Horcruxes that house bits of Lord Voldemort's soul would be more fun and successful) I have instituted a new practice of making a weekly to-do list and exercise schedule. Last night's tasks (which were successfully completed, by the way) included swimming laps for thirty minutes, putting away laundry, and cleaning the craft room. Tonight's list includes fervent prayers that storms prevent the pool from opening as well as avoidance of cleaning the bathroom.

Random thing #4: As of this morning, Penny the Wonder Puppy is officially Todd's dog. I washed my hands of her (quite literally) after an incident involving poo and breakfast. As in, simultaneously. As in, HER poo and HER breakfast. Do I really have to spell this out for you?

Random thing #5: If you are the dude who was walking a small weinie-type dog at 11:00 p.m. last night in front of my house, I apologize profusely for the appalling behavior of Sam the Best Dog Ever. He was (understandably, I think) startled to see a weinie dog walking down the street at that hour. But seriously, dude, your weinie dog put up a hell of a fight. Kudos.

Random thing #6: As further proof that I am not growing marijuana in my front yard, there are actual, recognizable tomatoes growing on my tomato plants. I was a bit upset to discover that one of the plants is, in fact, a cherry tomato plant, but I suppose I will survive.


Bryan said...

Hey, do you know where I can score some cherry pot? JBF

Jonathan's Mommy said...

Kara, you seriously crack me up! I look forward to hearing details of Sam the Best Dog Ever vs. late night weiner. Intriguing...