Monday, June 4, 2007

Random Monday Stuff

Well, it seems I should have something coherent to say after having a whole weekend to think about it, but alas, that is not the case.

So, in lieu of a well-organized, highly planned post, I give you the following:

1. I had a great weekend visiting with my mom and Hank. We ate delicious food and talked and laughed and had general bonding time. I was not, however, prepared for how much I would miss my lovely husband while being gone for a WHOLE WEEKEND!

2. The big task for Week 4 of The Artist's Way is to NOT READ for the week.

I repeat: NOT READ.

I think this is highly unreasonable, and in fact, impossible -- I have to READ the week's lesson to discover that I'm not supposed to be READING, first of all. Harumph.

3. Surreal moment of the weekend: Gatewood Galbraith, inserted into the Lexington Opera House's production of The Producers. Very strange. I think, being from Louisville, that I just didn't get it.

(Interesting aside: I was going to link you to Mr. Galbraith's official site above, but at work, I'm blocked from the site -- category: "Abused Drugs." Awesome.)

4. What I learned while making dinner last night: one should, theoretically, be MUCH more careful with one's very sharp knives, particularly when one's index finger is nearby.

5. The season finale of The Riches is tonight, so it's too late for all you slackers who haven't watched it so far. At my house, at least, we will be on the edge of our seats.

I would like to say something cheery, like, "Happy Monday, everybody!" but really -- the words "happy" and "Monday" almost never belong in the same sentence.

The good news is, Monday always begats Tuesday, which then begats Wednesday, and by that time you're more than halfway to the weekend!

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Jonathan's Mommy said...

OK, there's a lot to address here, but let me just stick with the not reading. I simply cannot imagine you getting through a week of not reading. What would you do--actually talk to Todd?? :)