Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Actually, I DID Go to Law School for This

So . . . this morning I was feeling a little bit down as I walked into work. A little useless. Like my job isn't important; like I don't do anything worthwhile and don't get any respect.

And then, just when I was giving a great big sigh, the god of lame, bummed-out prosecutors smiled down on me for one perfect moment when I saw . . .


People, I shit you not. Oh, I have never wanted a camera phone so badly. I wish you could have seen it:

Silver high heels.

Makeup that would make our old friend Edie Sedgewick proud.

Long, red hair that was either a wig, a weave, or just sprayed within an inch of its life.

And a tiara. Actually, it looked a bit more like a Junior High School beauty pageant crown, but I tell you what -- she worked it like it was a tiara worthy of Queen Elizabeth.

I'm not sure even ol' Elizabeth could have sauntered through the district court throngs with the same grace and aplomb as this lady. I wanted to cheer when she went past. I'm afraid I did the proverbial double-take. A detective standing next to me said, "I almost bowed just now."

Oh, yeah. THAT's what I'm talking about. A reason to keep going to work every day.


Jonathan's Mommy said...

That is totally awesome! Makes me wonder about the charges. And who was the judge? That would have completely made my week!

Bryan said...

That was me and thanks. JBF

Felicia said...

LOL I may have almost bowed too! Life is full of wonder and adventure isn't it?

supermommysquared said...

I found you through Jenn's blog and you totally put a smile on my face with the tiara lady. (this Jenn's friend Heather from WV, by the way :) When I worked in KY in retail there was a woman that would come into our store with a crazy crooked wig, two BRIGHT red circles for blush, and the reddest, most jaggest lipstick ever. It takes all kinds :)

DSS said...

1137a1137She's probably happier than any of us!!!!!!!!!!! I remember a young teenage mom, in my hometown, pulling a red wagon with twins in it. She had NOTHING, but, she told me to just be happy-

Tiara lady was probably happy, except fot the fact that she was in COURT!!!!!!!!!