Tuesday, August 28, 2007

I Know When I'm Being Ganged Up On

I'm eating dinner tonight, and I have a few yummy bites of meatloaf, maybe a smidge of mashed potato, and a couple sips of homemade beer left. It's an all-around pleasant end to an all-around pleasant family dinner.

Then, THIS one:

decides she has waited long enough and proceeds to start "improperly eliminating."

I yell, "Stop!" (which she does), jump up, slap the leash on her and run out the door. Todd followed me out.

So I'm standing in the yard, waiting for Penny to finish up what she had only just started, and I look in the window into my house, and see THIS one:

with his paws on the table, finishing my dinner.

Penny might get off with a misdemeanor, seeing as how she was just a facilitator, but I'm thinking Sam's getting some serious time for this one.

Look at him! He doesn't even have the nerve to look sorry!

Conspiracy, I tell you . . . conspiracy.


Bryan said...

I have one word for you and it starts with an "M" and ends with a "EDICATION"

sister Kim said...

Just wait until they convince everyone else in the house to go along with their plans.

sister Kim said...

oh, and another thing, wait until the ones ganging up on you are your own children. I think the girls do the same thing to me, except it involves money in my purse. Hey, Maddie has a loose tooth, want her for the weekend.

Jonathan's Mommy said...

Sam looks so sweet--how could you be mad at him for too long?

I, like my husband, also have one word for you "CHIHUAHUA." They may have problems with improper elimination but they can't reach the dinner table!

Oh, and Jonathan's boots are brown and not red. However, you really should go to Nashville and get some boots because there are red ones EVERYWHERE!!