Sunday, March 9, 2008

Birthday Stretch-Out 2008, Part One

Today is Todd's birthday, and let me tell you, am I ever happy that he was born.

He remains the coolest, most exciting and totally hot guy I know. He is the best conversationalist I've ever met. I'm really proud that he decided to marry me.

This year, for his birthday, he got a foot of snow. (I'd love to post a picture of the snow, but unfortunately, I have been snowed in all weekend with two cameras and NOT A SINGLE WORKING BATTERY. Just trust me, it's white and fluffy and there's a foot of it.) We went for a walk Saturday morning and the whole neighborhood just looked surreal, what with not really being able to see the road and there being no cars out. There were, however, lots of people out, bundled up and unrecognizable, tromping through an increasingly rare Louisville snow day.

It was a nice day, with walks and naps and movies and dinner.

Today, Todd being Todd, he is back at the office, preparing for a trial next week. I guess that's the genius of Birthday Stretch-Out Month -- even though he's working today, I'm going to make him take some days off later on, because hey! It's still his birthday!

Snow being what it is, and my driving being what IT is, I can't even offer him a decadent night out tonight, but we're having birthday dinner, nonetheless: baked goat cheese appetizer with crusty bread, falling-apart pork ribs, pan-sauteed pierogies, roasted asparagus, and brownie sundaes for dessert.

It doesn't seem like much to offer in exchange for letting me celebrate Birthday Stretch-Out Month with him EVERY YEAR. But I guess there isn't really a good way to repay someone for something THAT monumental.

So this will have to do: Happy Birthday, sweetie! I love you!


Jonathan's Mommy said...

That is so sweet! You guys are just too precious!

DSS said...

I"m so glad that "love" is always in the air with you two! Happy Birthday to both of you!!!! We love you!!!!!!!!