Monday, April 14, 2008

In Case You Forgot I Am A Geek

I don't know what you did with your Monday night, but me? I went to Sewing Class!

I have a friend at work over whom I suffer regular pangs of jealousy, not just because she's thin and pretty, but because she was a HOME ECONOMICS major in college. Seriously! Did you know you could major in home ec before going to law school? That you could learn how to do lots of cool stuff like knit and sew and cook and probably "put up" vegetables in the summer and that could be your DEGREE?

Well, I didn't. And I am SO having to play catch up. Hence the sewing class.

Class actually started a couple of weeks ago, and I was totally unimpressed, what with the two-hour lecture on fabric and thread that was exactly as exciting as it sounds. But tonight, we made up for it by completely sewing not one, but TWO projects.

A pillow sham:

Look how plump and lovely it looks, sitting there on the couch. It's destined to live on my bed, once I make its twin.

And a pouch-thingy:

That pouch-thingy looks all sweet and innocent, but don't let it fool you. I sewed the whole dang thing and held it up for the teacher's approval, only to discover that the dad-gumbed zipper was inside out. I took it apart, and sewed it back together, and now it zips open and shut properly, but the ducks on the back are upside down.

Todd says that the upside down ducks are what make it special. That ANYONE could have a pouch-thingy with right side up ducks, but this pouch-thingy is unique. You gotta love him, that Todd.

I'm fighting a mad urge to make a sham for every pillow in the house.


Jonathan's Mommy said...

That's awesome that you are taking a sewing class! And you are totally not a geek. Or if you are, then I am too!

DSS said...

Congratulations on your projects! You are now officially so far ahead of me that I can't catch up! As Hank and I often say, who is this child???? Your NANA would be sooo proud of you!!!!!!!!!!

Bryan said...

I hear upside-down ducks are all the rage with the kids these days. Way to be hip with the in crowd. Good job on the projects. JBF