Saturday, April 12, 2008

I'm Not Going, And You Can't Make Me

I recently realized that I am getting dangerously close to the one-year anniversary -- blogiversary, if you will -- of Around the Subject.

And I'm also realizing that a big plus of having a year-old blog is being able to look back at what I was doing around this time last year.

Thunder Over Louisville, for instance. If I had any doubt about my rather vocal refusal to attend this year, I need only read back over the horror that was Coming Home From Thunder last year.

I have a friend who is, I think, boycotting Thunder this year for many socially-conscious reasons. Me, I just hate the traffic. And it's kind of cold. And it might rain.

So today, I will be celebrating the start of the Kentucky Derby Festival by going to Costco, spending a birthday gift certificate on some cool jewelry from Just Creations, and probably making homemade pizza for dinner.

Not a firework in sight, and I'm cool with that.

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Jonathan's Mommy said...

Thunder is my favorite event but we did not go either due to the weather. Costco always makes me happy so I think you chose a good way to celebrate it!