Tuesday, April 1, 2008

This Post is (Almost) 101 Things Long

Okay, I've been wracking my poor, poor brain, trying to come up with my 101 things. Everyone I know is tired of hearing, "what else can I add?" So, here it is, and it will just have to be rounded out with an extra 15 or so items before the time's up. My 1,001 days starts today, April 1 (and, NO, this is not an April Fool's Day thing. What a dumb holiday.), and ends on December 28, 2010.

I divided the list up into three parts, "Mind," "Body," and "Soul." Some of the placement of things might seem a bit arbitrary, but I just put 'em where they seemed to me to belong.

1Finish writing my list of 101 things: completed 4/11/08
2Complete The Artist's Way program
3Settle on an idea for a novel
4Write the first chapter of a novel
5Finish writing a novel
6Take a sewing class: completed 4/28/08
7Take violin lessons for at least one year
8Go to New York City
9Learn to play a Ben Folds song on the piano
10Have a soup-exchange party
11Have a beer-tasting party
12Write a short story
13Send a short story off for publication
14Write a poem
15Send a poem off for publication
16Read at least four non-fiction books in 2008 completed 10/15/08
17Write a grant proposal for a non-profit
18Volunteer at a non-profit organization for at least six months
19Learn to make pull candy
20Go to the planetarium completed 06/13/08
21Go to the giraffe exhibit at the Nashville Zoo
22Go to Shakespeare in the Park completed 06/27/08
23Work on a political campaign completed 11/1/09
24Attend a book discussion group
25Take a creative writing class
26Go on a ghost walk in Louisville
27Read a book to learn more about US history completed 10/13/08
28Perfect a "signature dish"
29Teach somebody to do something
30Participate in NaNoWriMo
31Write a song
32Sew myself a skirt
33Finish the "It" dress
34Enter something in the State Fair completed 08/10/08

1Lose 10 pounds completed 02/02/09
2Lose 20 pounds completed 04/01/09
3Lose 30 pounds
4Lose 40 pounds
5Lose 50 pounds
6Lose 60 pounds
7Lose 70 pounds
8Lose 80 pounds
9Lose 90 pounds
10Lose 100 pounds
11Run (or walk quickly!) in a race
12Complete a century bike ride
13Take at least 3 yoga classes completed 04/15/09
14Take at least 3 bellydance classes
15Go diving at least twice in 2008
16Go diving at least four times in 2009
17Go diving at least six times in 2010
18Dive in saltwater
19Dive the St. Lawrence
20Learn to use liquid eyeliner completed 06/13/08
21Join a CSA
22Wear black fingernail polish (in public)completed 05/26/08
23Take a dance class with Todd
24Go dancing
25Get rid of all the clothes that don't fit me right now
26Knit a chalk bag for Todd
27Go for a walk in Cave Hill Cemetery
28Take a Segway tour
29Exercise 5 days/wk for one month
30Make mint julep liqeur completed 08/08
31Learn to use my roller blades
32Go on an overnight camping/canoe or kayak trip
33Have a massage

1Make a quilt
2Play in my church orchestra completed 10/2/08
3Be a Big Sister for at least six months completed 09/08
4Learn to bake bread
5Knit a sweater for myself
6See "Hedwig and the Angry Inch" again
7Buy a Carpenter's album
8Read the whole Bible
90Go on a retreat by myself
10Complete "8-Minute Meditation" program
11Frame my wedding pictures and hang them
12Journal every day for thirty days
13Get red cowboy boots
14Get a little black dress
15Start a service project at church
16Buy a piece of original art
17Go to the roller derby
18Go to a Red's game completed 07/04/08
19See John Cougar Mellencamp in concert
20Rent a dumpster and fill it with stuff from my house
21Buy a copy of Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs
22Make a fleece blanket for myself completed 01/28/09
23Draw something
24Send out holiday cards -- not for Christmas
25Have my cards read
26Take myself on a picnic
27Organize a group campout
28Send someone a thank you note
39Buy a piece of vintage clothing
30Watch a sunrise
31Plan a European or Asian vacation
32Give someone a homemade present of food completed 06/13/08
33Go six months without using a credit card
34Give something to someone who needs it completed 05/23/08


Kelley said...

That is a really fabulous list. I'm tempted to do one of my own, but I don't know if I could come up with 101 things, but I should try.

Jonathan's Mommy said...

WOW! I am so impressed! I can't wait to hear how awesome you do at this!!!

DSS said...

OK, I'm impressed! Very interesting- keep me informed! That's a lot of things to do!!! Are you going to go down the list or go in random order- if it's random- start with the writing!!!!!!!!!!!

Latharia said...

Wonderful list!! Still working on ours! I wish you all the best with your goals! :D