Friday, April 27, 2007

The Dog Ate My Blog

Whew! It's finally Friday, and oops -- I haven't posted all week. It's been a very long, angst-filled week for some reason.

Source of Angst #1:
As I mentioned last time, we went to Thunder on Saturday. It was fine, big loud fireworks, etc, (but why, oh why, can't the "theme" and the music and the fireworks actually go together in some way?) . . . then the trip home. We planned to take the bus home, thinking it would be quicker and less painful. Wrong, very wrong.

It took two and a half hours to get home. Two and a half hours of sitting on a bus listening to some young corporate type describe himself -- rather sniffily, if you know what I mean -- as a "litigator." Two and a half hours of a guy describing the "big ol' pork chop sandwich" he had at the Chow Wagon. Two and a half hours of an elderly woman earnestly advising several young Indian guys to "learn as much as possible about our culture and take it back to your homeland."

Yeah. I don't see myself going back to Thunder next year. In fact, we are planning a camping trip for Derby weekend.

Source of Angst #2:
Penny the Wonder Puppy is nearly fully recovered from her long and protracted illness. The good side of this is that she can finally act like a normal healthy puppy. The bad side? She can finally act like a normal healthy puppy.

She's a bit . . . um . . . crazy. I remember that we thought she had a "strong personality" which would help her when encountering the craziness of Sam the Best Dog Ever. This was right. Please note, however, that Sam wasn't called Sam the Best Dog Ever until we had the chance to compare his behavior to Penny's.

The barking. And the biting -- chewing, to be more exact. And the poo. Good lord, the poo. It is extremely lucky for her that she is extraordinarily cute and loveable.

Source of Angst #3:
I found an ad for a Very Exciting Job Opening in Utopia, USA (Portland, OR, for those not keeping up). I want that Very Exciting Job. Unfortunately, I very much doubt that I am In Any Way Qualified. So I'm trying to pimp Todd out for it. He is not as Excited as I am.

Source of Angst #4:
The crafting mojo is failing me. The Christmas Stocking is coming along nicely, or it was until I went to my knitting group last night and got it all jacked up. Knitting and knitting group don't always go very well together. And the It Dress is totally stalled. My velvet is, according to Claudia, "warped" and has to be stretched back into its proper position. Blech.

I'm thinking of starting a quilt. Did I mention I have a Craft Room in my house now? This means I must fill the Craft Room with various kinds of crafts in various stages of completion, lest Todd decide that it is actually an Exercise Room.

Anyway . . . it's Friday, and this is a major Angst-ender. Big plans for the weekend include buying a notebook for my Artist's Way morning pages and a timer for my 8-Minute Meditation (see sidebar of Books I am Reading). Ah . . . self-improvement.


Jonathan's Mommy said...

That bus trip sounds truly horrid! I am happy we decided not to do that...

And, as we discussed at lunch today, I'm also stalled in any craft projects. The problem with me is that I actually got stalled before beginning. Not sure if that's called stalling or something else.

DSS said...

Who are you and where did you come from??????? I often think that when you do things such as this blog. I shouldn't be surprised,but, you do have a way of surprising me! Have fun writing and I'll have fun reading and getting to know you all over again!!!!!

Bryan said...

Quilting huh? Go figure. JBF