Friday, April 27, 2007


I thought, with a whopping three posts under my blog-belt, that I should post some explanation of the title of my blog.

"Around the Subject" is the title of a poem I wrote in college. Back then, I believed in this poem a lot. I think I sent it off to a few contests and journals, but no luck. Recently I found a folder full of my college and high school poems. Believe me, most of them were good only for a big ol' belly laugh. This one, however, I still kind of like, and I like what I meant when I wrote it.

I remember that I wasn't really writing this poem with any particular person in mind. It isn't about a boyfriend or a family member or anything like that. I was just thinking about how rarely we feel able to speak our minds with other people -- how we are mostly circling aimlessly around whatever it is we want and need to be saying.

So, it became the title of this blog. I think that's a good enough excuse to do a bit of shameless self-publishing (better than self-medicating, don't you think?).

Around the Subject

We can dance like no one else.
Fingers entwined,
Your hand in the small of my back,
We delicately place one foot
In front of another,
Matching our steps to blue plastic feet
Stuck to the ground.
If we stumble I will laugh
You will bite your lip,
Then remember to smile.
It is only a dance,
A set of rules that tell us
Where to step,
Where to place our hands.


Bryan said...

More of a Seuss and Silverstein man myself, and not just because of the contraption that is filling our house with brightly colored toys. I enjoyed the poetry. We (the 4) need to muse poetic over a tremedous amount of alcohol soon. Call the "Womb," she makes the plans. jbf

Jonathan's Mommy said...

So apparently, per Bryan's comments, above, I have sunk to a new low and an now called the Womb. This has been some week!

Regardless, I also enjoyed the poem! I think it's totally true and a wonderful title for your blog as well!