Monday, April 30, 2007

Will Somebody Put Me on the No-Call List?

People, the work that's been done around here today . . . you would not believe. The Powers That Be have gotten their money's worth out of me. Not since my starry-eyed public defender days have I worked this hard -- non-stop, even! -- for a whole day. There's been typing, there's been file reviewing, there's been faxing and stapling and un-stapling, not to mention clocking AND dropping!

Let's take a moment, shall we?

Okay. So, my pet peeve of the day: people who wear those cell-phone-ear-piece-thingys. And talk on them. While walking down the hall, so it looks like they are talking to nobody, which makes me think either:

a) they are talking to me, which compels me to say, "good, how are you?" with that friendly smile my mother taught me, only to realize they are NOT, in fact, talking to me, at which point I feel like Boo-Boo the Fool; OR

b) Jesus HAS arrived and feels so much pressure to get the Word out all quick-like that he's dictating the next ten commandments through speaker phone to the Holy Spirit back at the office, instructing him to send an E-vite to the Second Coming potluck/water-to-wine tasting ASAP. (See yesterday's post.)

This also tends to make me feel like I am not very important or well-liked, since most people who would want to talk to me seem content to wait until I can at least free up a hand to answer the phone. I guess I don't have enough stuff to carry, either, since generally, I have a free hand most all of the day. I mean, right now, I have TWO free hands, which I am using to blog. And nobody seems to be that anxious to interrupt me with a phone call.

There's a special on tonight about Mormons. AND there's a new episode of The Riches. Decisions, decisions.


DA-TLEW said...

The next step will be surgically implanted mobile phones. Then, we can give out these numbers to the telemarketers.

Jonathan's Mommy said...

I HATE those ear things too!! I particularly hate the attorneys who wear them while they are actully in court. Are they seriously planning on answering a phone call while they are talking the the judge??

As for TV, our choice is easy--Heroes!!

Bryan said...

QUIET!!! I'm on the phone. JBF

DSS said...

Well, my dear, we do think along the same line! Went shopping today and a very attractive lady passed, I couldn't help but think, what a shame she doesn't have a smaller hearing aid! It was a phone- I tend to think some people want to look important!!!!!!!!!!!! Maybe I should try it!!!!!!