Sunday, April 29, 2007

Sunday Musings

Some of the most . . . "lively" . . . discussions at my house take place when I share little tidbits of the goings-on at Harvey Browne Presbyterian, where I faithfully attend each and every Sunday.

Okay, almost every Sunday. At least a lot of them.

Anyway. So today my Sunday School class took a major detour, as we often do, and the question became, "would you recognize Jesus if he dropped back in on us today?"

Personally, I think if I were to run across Jesus right now, I'd probably take out a mental inquest warrant, and hope that he got on some really good meds.

It's not entirely outside the realm of possibility that Jesus has done the ol' "second coming" and is already locked away somewhere. I may have represented him in my public defender days. I may have prosecuted him.

(Actually, I'm pretty sure that if Jesus comes back, he won't be prosecuted for domestic violence. I'm seeing Jesus more as a disorderly conduct kind of guy. Or, hey, how about theft of identity? Get it? 'Cause he says he's God and stuff? Man, I crack myself up sometimes.)

There are lots of directions such a question could take you. For me, I end up feeling that it's just somehow unfair that we would be expected to recognize Jesus today. Seriously, if some guy came up to you at the mall, or on the bus, and said, "Hi, I'm the son of God" would you ever consider that maybe he really is? And if not, are you a bad person?

I hope that the answer is that what matters is how you live your life and treat other people. But these days, I know fewer and fewer answers.

The interesting thing? About all this religion stuff? The more I think about it, the more I read and listen and try to study, the more questions I get. Not answers -- questions. I guess as long as the questions are this intriguing to me, I'm doing okay. I just sure hope there's not a test on all this.

Happy Sunday, everybody.


Bryan said...

I believe he'll be fairly recognizable from the T-shirt he's wearing that says on of the following:
1) "WWID" (What Would I do)
2) "I'm with the Father and the Ghost" with one hand pointing up and the other other pointing to the side
3) "Ask me about my second coming"

Questions are the only way our human minds can begin to conceive something as inconceivable as "God"

You're obviously going in the right direction . . . but could you do SOMETHING about your heretic of a husband!?

Jonathan's Mommy said...

I think this entry is hysterical and then I see that my deal hubby has responded in kind. The two of you should do stand up!