Sunday, November 2, 2008

A Bit of Improv Never Hurts

Yesterday I dragged my party-pooped self to one of the local Democratic Party headquarters to make calls for -- I thought -- the Obama campaign. I for some reason assumed I would be calling people in other states where Obama still has a fighting chance, but I was actually calling local people who are registered Democrats, just to remind them to vote and to ask if they were voting for the Democratic ticket.

It was easier than I expected, what with the script and all. The worst problem was the automated calling system, which I think gave itself away as soon as the person answered the phone, because most people just hung up before I could even say hello.

Then there were the people that managed to listen to, "Hi, I'm Kara from the Louisville Democratic Party," before they hung up on me. I tried talking faster -- hii'mkarafromthedemocraticparty -- but they usually still hung up before I got out the whole spiel, which is a shame, because people, I was going to offer you a RIDE, for fuck's sake.

Seriously. I'm tempted to call and request a ride to the polls myself, just because I don't like to drive, you know. I mean, the polls are just around the corner from my house, but maybe they could be persuaded to take me to the store, since they were already out and about.

The calls did get a bit dull after awhile, so some improvisation was tempting:

Me: Hi, I'm Kara from the Democratic Party, calling to remind you about the election this Tuesday. Can the Democrats count on your vote this year?

Callee: No, I'm going to be voting Republican this year, actually.

Me: Oh, well don't forget, they've moved the election to Wednesday. That's WEDNESDAY -- we wouldn't want you to miss out.

Just doin' my civic duty.

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Jonathan's Mommy said...

I am so excited to vote tomorrow and so nervous! I just hope the polls are right and that we will be super happy Americans on Wednesday morning!