Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Election Day

Okay, in an effort to keep up the blog-a-day thing, I'm posting NOW, because I'm afraid I'll be too caught up in the TV later.

As in, when the totals start coming in.

As in, when hopefully we can wave goodbye to the last eight years.

As I type that, though, I'm reminded that the last eight years haven't been ALL bad. During those years, I became single, graduated from law school, and got oh-so-happily married again. I became a public defender, and later switched sides to be a prosecutor. I saw my mother get oh-so-happily married. I adopted two loveable mutts. My husband became the first Division Chief of the first ever Elder Abuse unit of the Commonwealth's Attorney's office, and later moved onward and upward to the Attorney General's office. I read a lot of good books, saw Hedwig on stage, and learned to play the violin (sort of).

In retrospect, it's only the parts of the last eight years that George W. Bush had control of that sucked all kinds of ass. Like money, and gas, and religion, and the environment and stuff. So I guess I'll keep the proverbial baby and throw out that icky Republican bathwater.

It feels like New Year's Eve around here. Like the night before Christmas. Aren't you excited?

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Jonathan's Mommy said...

I am so happy! You are right, the last eight years, personally, have been quite good. Now we can enjoy all around happiness for at least the next four!