Sunday, November 30, 2008

Caution: Holiday Sappiness Ahead

Today at church we "did it up right" for the first Sunday of Advent. I love Advent, and I wanted to write about Hope today, because we light the candle on the first Sunday of Advent to represent Hope. But what I decided is, hope is too big to fit into a blog post.

I know, that sounds like a total cop-out. It's true, though! Hope can't be summed up or boxed into a little greeting card sentiment. It's what gets us through all the badness of the world and tumbles us right into the good stuff. It's what you try to hang onto when you don't have anything else.

It's why we make plans for a career.

It's why we get married.

It's why we adopt pets, and learn to knit, and have babies, and set our alarm clocks, and go to church on Sunday, or skip church to go kayaking, and watch sunsets, and write bad poetry, and tune into our favorite new show even after we know it's been cancelled, why we fill up the crockpot before work and buy tickets to a play and start blogs and say "I love you" before going to sleep.

Because we hope.

Hope is everywhere and all the time, but ESPECIALLY at Christmas. I hope that you're hoping something right now.


DSS said...

I've really enjoyed checking in on you every morning!!!!!I'll miss it when you're not bloggin every day! There is nothing more to say about today's blog- I agree with your comments on HOPE and Advent.

Jonathan's Mommy said...

I like Advent a lot too and I really like this post. I agree with your sister--you should keep posting every day because I've really enjoyed it too!