Monday, November 24, 2008


Monday morning, 8:00 AM: Plan day. Industriously park car, with violin safely locked inside, on street at bus stop. Ride bus to work to avoid parking fees.

Monday afternoon, 4:00 PM: Begin packing up to leave work. Put on coat, look for car keys and bus pass. Find bus pass. Do not find car keys. Dump out contents of purse. Take deep breath. Curse.

4:15 PM: Arrive at bus stop moments after bus pulls away. Realize have forgotten scarf and gloves and worn Spring jacket. Estimate wind chill at approximately 30 degrees below zero.

4:18 PM: Enter bank lobby to wait for next bus.

4:19 PM: Get annoyed at bank employees staring at me, go back to bus stop.

4:20 PM: Call husband to complain re: missed bus and lost keys. Hang up when face is too numb to talk.

4:25 PM: Am grateful for dude lighting cigarette at bus stop, think flame might give off enough heat to ward off frostbite.

4:45 PM: Board bus. Stew re: lost keys.

5:00 PM: Arrive at car. Open unlocked hatchback, crawl into backseat, unlock doors. Search car. Do not find keys.

5:05 PM: Start walk home with purse, lunch bag, violin, and music. Call 411 for number to music school. Get three wrong numbers. Curse.

5:15 PM: Arrive home. Break into basement. Cancel violin lesson.

5:30 PM: Call car dealer to inquire re: cost of replacement key. Replacement cost $230. Remember that at least saved $7 parking fee.



Jonathan's Mommy said...

Did everyone have a bad Monday today? Sheesh. It's a good thing it's a short work week!

Kara Lewis said...

Were you at work, Jennifer? I called to beg you to go out for Mexican food, and was told you weren't there . . . foiled.

DSS said...

Glad I didn't call last night! HOpefully you found the keys at work today!?!?!?!?