Friday, November 21, 2008

I Wonder If She Had a Hotel Room?

If you know me in real life, (and since I have approximately 4 regular readers, all of whom DO know me in real life, the odds are pretty good that if you're reading this, you know me) you'll remember that for the past two years, I have been prosecuting a woman who is stalking a priest.

No, (in case you DON'T know me) I am not exagerating, it's been two years, and she really is stalking a priest. Anyway, you should also remember that this woman is bat-shit crazy. Recently, she began leaving irate messages for my boss, complaining about my overzealous prosecution.

Yesterday, one of her messages, which had the "Young and the Restless" theme song playing in the background, included this tidbit:

" . . . and THEN, Ms. Lewis CONVIENTLY kept me in jail past the inauguration, because she KNEW I was planning to go."

You're welcome, President-Elect Obama. You're very welcome.


Kelley said...

I know you, and I did NOT know that you're prosecuting a woman who was/ is stalking a priest. That is good stuff.

DSS said...

I bet she found a hotel room and we can't!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I still say you should write a book!!!!!!!

Jonathan's Mommy said...

Ha! I'd forgotten about that lady!